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We are excited to be offering CardiAction Heart and Artery Screening in our pharmacy.

CardiAction is an innovative heart screening and intervention management app to make heart and artery health easy to improve and manage.

Your CardiAction Heart & Artery Screening involves a pulse wave analysis (PWA) test which can determine you risk factors for cardiovascular disease. This is pain free, non-invasive and the results are available in minutes. PWA machines are considered the global ‘gold standard’ in non-invasive cardiovascular testing and are featured in over 1500 scientific publications as well as used in the top 20 hospitals in the USA.

This could be the most important 20 minutes of your life

  • Real-time insight of your heart & artery health

  • Identify the unidentified

  • Receive a personalised corrective action plan

  • Track progress on the CardiAction app

  • Pain free and non-invasive

  • Convenient – available in our Clinic at a time that suits you

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Become heart healthy in four simple steps

Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 cause of death in New Zealand; however, it is predominantly a ‘lifestyle disease’. Recent data from the World Health Organisation has shown that approximately 75% of premature cardiovascular disease is preventable and by following the right interventions this can greatly reduce your risk. That’s where CardiAction comes in:

Get tested

Your CardiAction Heart & Artery Screening begins with a pulse wave analysis test. Much like getting your blood pressure taken, it is pain free, non-invasive and your results are available in minutes. This is a real-time central blood pressure test and will be most accurate if you are relaxed and have not recently exercised or consumed caffeine.

Get your results

We will explain your results to you and assess your potential risk of cardio-vascular disease in line with the CardiAction Target Ranges (CTR’s). CTR’s reflect the most beneficial result for cardiovascular risk management and have been developed as the result of extensive scientific research. This information is also available on your CardiAction app and is easily accessible after your appointment. If you display an elevated risk, we will recommend that you visit your healthcare practitioner for further testing and treatment.*

Get a personalised action plan

Based on your results, you will be provided with personalised recommendations designed to improve your cardiovascular health in targeted areas. These recommendations cover nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes, plus you can access additional educational material through the healthy tips section of the CardiAction app.

Get retested

After following your action plan, book in for your follow up PWA test and see the improvements you have made. It is never too late to improve your cardio-vascular health and through targeted lifestyle changes it is possible to see a risk reduction in as little as 2 months.

*A few facts to be aware of…

  • Conventional testing and algorithms pick up 50% of those at risk. A PWA test can pick up an extra 25-35% but we are still missing the others. Some of these risks can be linked to strong genetic issues or infections and will not be identified by this technology.

  • The results of the machine can vary (very similarly to how your blood pressure can vary depending on real time factors such as recent foods, stress, caffeine levels, etc). We will give you more than one PWA to rule out any anomaly results.

  • Please note that this test is for screening purposes only. We are not able to diagnose you with any medical conditions but if you have any further concerns, we encourage you to take your results to your doctor.

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